GEOVIA GEMS ™ is the leader in collaborative geology and mine planning applications. GEMS provides solutions for open pit and underground mining professionals in exploration, modelling, mine design, long-term planning and production scheduling.

With GEMS’ unique central database, geologists and engineers gain immediate access to organized, up-to-date geological and mine planning data, while the breakthrough block model conversion engine enables users to collaborate using different software packages, providing direct conversion between different block model formats.

GEMS’ data security and auditing provides the capabilities to improve compliance with industry regulations like JORC, SAMREC and NI 43-101.


  • Central database manages data, enabling data security and auditability, while eliminating data redundancy and increasing data integrity and accuracy.
  • Streamlined data flows, central data access and increased compatibility improve collaboration, providing information when needed to speed decision-making.
  • System ease-of-use – robust dialog boxes guide users through workflows.
  • Industry-standard Microsoft technologies integrate with existing IT infrastructure and ensure system scalability.
  • PlotMaker feature allows users to annotate plots with text blocks, bitmaps, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and other objects.
  • Simplify the Tunnel Design process by rolling up multiple steps into one.


GEOVIA Surpac Customer Quote

GEMS plays an important part at Nordkalk – from ore exploration to drillhole planning to product delivery. GEMS is so integrated into our entire mining structure that we could not successfully handle quality control or do mine planning without it.

Gerhard Hakkarainen, Geologist, Nordkalk Corporation

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