GEOVIA Whittle ™

What’s New for GEOVIA Whittle ™ 4.7

GEOVIA Whittle is the world’s most trusted strategic mine planning software used to determine and optimize the economics of open pit mining projects.

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Whittle 4.7, the latest release of the mining industry’s most popular strategic mine planning software, will enable you to add even more economic value to your projects, and save time by streamlining processes. With expansion into processing path support, and simultaneous multi-mine optimization, this release.

New and Updated Features Included in Whittle 4.7

Multi-mine Simultaneous Optimization (Advanced SIMO) – New Feature for Purchase

  • Support multiple pits and pushbacks, and schedule them simultaneously whilst completing a cut-off grade, stockpile and blending optimization. 

Simultaneous Optimization (SIMO)

  • Support the processing space, and multiple (up to 30) processing paths, to optimize the schedule, the cut-off and cut-overs between the various paths and stockpiles, and decrease the amount of waste.
  • Synchronize the mining optimization and the processing optimization to improve NPV.
  • The menu option supports Microsoft® Excel to easily view a large number of detailed reports. 
  • Significant performance improvements with the introduction of the COIN-OR Linear Programming (LP) engine.
  • For a multi-mine block model, the Schedule tab includes mine information so you can specify whether a mine is to be included, and/or define the pushbacks for each mine used in SIMO.
  • On the Advanced Optimization Controls form (in the inhibit pushback table), you can see the pushbacks to which the mine belongs. 
  • When creating a new pushback definition in a single or multi-mine scenario, you can set the min/max lead, and the max benches, per period using Pushback Definition Creation form. 
  • An unlimited number of constraints and variables may be used in a blend optimization in order to optimize a broader range of blend scenarios. 

Limitless Expressions

  • For those wishing to define and report on values using complex expressions, there are no limits to the number of expressions supported.

Technology Upgrade

  • Microsoft® Windows 10 64 bit, Microsoft Office 2013 & 2016 supported for improved performance and reliability.