WHAT’S NEW: Minex 6.5

 Download Minex 6.5 Systems Requirements Datasheet


Expanded Lithology Symbols

Minex 6.5 offers a new Lithology Symbol Tool to support improved logging standards and to aid in accurate and timely geology reporting by enabling Minex users to import customized lithology symbols for borehole plotting.

Minex users located in Australia can now import all 213 “CoalLog – the Australian Logging Standard” lithology symbols in .dxf format for both faster reporting and compliance with government regulations.

Geologists located worldwide can customize their reporting by importing any user-selected/designed.dxf image as a coal lithology symbol enabling standardization and consistency across the organization.

Microsoft Support

Minex 6.5 is compatible with Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016, and can be installed on Windows 10.

Enhanced User Experience

Report Seam Validation excludes duplicate borehole seam picks from the validation report improving the validation time required.

Map Mount Names on Drafting Graphics Windows correspond to the plan or section map for easier referencing and improved usability.

Updated Clear Graphics commands for improved usability when clearing graphical data.