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Production Management

With Production Management, you will increase the confidence in your mine’s ability to meet production targets, manage costs, and improve efficiencies to deliver on promises made to shareholders. Production Management provides up-to-date information for improved visibility into production processes and material reconciliation.

Production Management uses real-time data analysis to enable conformance to plan, helping to bring stability to operating processes at the mine.

Production Management is a key foundational component for taking the first steps to driving excellence and agility in your business, to enable quick reaction to changing mining and market conditions.


Key Highlights and benefits:

  • Helps ensure confidence that your operation will meet production targets.
  • Timely visibility and real-time analysis into production activities enables increased productivity and efficiency and conformance to plan.
  • Provides a thorough understanding the quantity and quality of material you have on hand.
  • Breaks down silos through data centralization and anytime, anywhere, managed accessibility to information.
  • Bridges the gap between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) to realize Master Data Management.