Perfect Mine and Plant


Deliver on Your Promises Across Your Operation

Perfect Mine and Plant

Driving business performance begins with both understanding the opportunity your global mining deposits represent and then planning your operations sothey maximize each ones potential. With Perfect Mine and Plant, all levels of your organization, from executives to operational staff, will collaborate and use data in new and more powerful ways to uncover improvements to efficiency, productivity, and cost control.

With Perfect Mine and Plant, the company is more agile in response to: operational performance variation, emerging business opportunities; and changing market conditions.

Executives, planners, and mine management use data from across the mining value chain, along with decision making tools, to optimize long-term plans, align financial objectives, and ensure all levels of the organization are in synch to achieve strategic control. At the operational level, integrated planning, maintenance, mining and plant activities enable rapid adjustments to improve cost-per-tonne and keep productivity on track.

Discover the benefits of Dassault Systèmes’ Perfect Mine and Plant Industry Solution Experience:

  • Reduces variability through optimized scheduling and operational control.
  • Delivers on the promise of big data to improve productivity, efficiency, and cost control across mining organizations.
  • Provides management with the data needed to achieve predictable production output and meet production targets.
  • Breaks down the silos between mining and processing functions.
  • Provides simulation and validation capabilities to both explore and prove innovative ideas prior to implementation.